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Save money on high-quality stage equipment. Our products and services are perfect for clients in Los Angeles, California, and we provide service anywhere in the Southwestern United States.


At AFM Alive, we want your business, and we're prepared to offer lower prices in order to get it. Our equipment and services are priced extremely competitively and offer the best value for money. We realize that not everyone has access to the best production talent to operate our systems, so we also offer labor and production services at low rates.


We offer very generous terms to save you even more money. When you pay for two days, you can use our equipment for a long weekend (three days). When you pay for four days, you can use our equipment for a week (seven days). When you pay for 10 days, you can use our equipment for a month (30 days).

Rentals start the day and time of equipment departure from our premises and close upon return to our premises. (We also understand that "life" happens, and won't charge you for a whole extra day if you're an hour or so late.) Limited liability and cancellation insurance (e.g. for inclement weather) is available at 8% of the invoice total. Purchase orders are gladly accepted. We take Visa and American Express™ and offer 30-day net terms.

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Standby Rentals

Our standby rental program is perfect for student films or anyone working on a passion project with a limited budget. These incredibly low rates kick in one hour before the end of the day. As long as you get the equipment back by 8:15 the next morning, you'll receive 50% off the regular daily rate.


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