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The AFM Alive brand is actively looking to expand around the world. If you have the passion for great shows along with steely determination and some resources available, why not consider an AFM Alive brand franchise for your area? We will train you and help you, so when you start your very own AFM brand franchise, you'll be offering the best show equipment ever. Show tours often include multiple cities, so you can automatically tap into waiting business as it passes through your own franchise area. That means you get to focus less on sales and more on the fun stuff — putting on the shows themselves!

As a franchisee, you will have access to our growing database of production staff to help you with your shows. You can't buy an AFM Alive system; you can only rent or franchise it. We can get you up and running with the best system in the world for under $75k, including more than $50k in equipment alone. If you decide an AFM franchise is not for you, we will buy the equipment back from you. Honest — it's all good with us.


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