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AFM Alive is a color blind, equal-opportunity employer. The starting point for us with all employees is a love of show business and entertainment. You must subscribe to the old adage "The Show Must Go On." In other words, our work never stops until the show is over — and yes, that can mean some very long days and nights. If the thought of a 24-hour workday to save a show is too much to contemplate, we're not for you.

We're always looking for top sales professionals and technical crew members. All technical applicants — full-time or vetted contractors — will be given the chance to spend at least one day training with our custom, AFM Alive-brand systems. After passing a qualification test, they will earn the Level 1 AFM Certification.

Investing in Our Employees

We believe that all employees should be shareholders and partners in the company. All employees will be offered a meaningful share ownership plan at no cost that is designed to make you stay with AFM Alive as we grow. We believe that all employees should be given the chance to excel in the areas to which they are best suited. Some on-the-job training is provided, but it should be complemented with your own deep desire to learn more about our business in order to make yourself a more valuable asset to our team. Take that piece of equipment you like and make it work.

We only want to work with honest, reliable, and loyal employees. If you have what it takes as well as high moral integrity, we want you on our team!

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Submitting an Application

Please submit your application to We read all applications as long as they are under three pages. Please specify in the subject line if you are seeking contract work, full-time work, or either. Please include a copy of your latest W2, pay stub, or total declared income for the last year you worked.

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